Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HEB had some Great Tasting Gumbo Today (shimps, sausage, chicken) served with White Wine

note* She gave you a nice size serving. Each serving had 2 shimps, 2 chucks of chicken, and 2 thick sausages poured over rice. Then she gave you  a sample of white wine. That Gumbo was very Good.


  1. I often find the food very delicious that is cooked for samples at HEB. At the one on I-10 near Bunker Hill a few weeks ago, there was a duck dish and a green chili casserole (and something else fabulous). It was all SO GOOD. I asked why they didn't sell it as a prepared meal, so I could just buy that instead of getting all of those ingredients. They said a lot of people suggest that, but the store said no because it would compete with their Central Market ready-made food already sold at the store.

  2. Wow! I wished I would have tasted that. The gumbo was so good I asked if I could have another cup. I have tasted the BBQ ribs, steak, and sausage at HEB and so fore everything has taste good. The guy whose there appears on the Debra Duncan Show. What I like about HEB is that HEB give you a nice size portion. Happy Couponing.