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The Coupon Game

Playa'Z  vs. Hata'Z

In the Coupon GAME there are the Playa'z & ; then there are the Hata'z.

Playa  is a person who is competitive and gregarious by nature.

The skill of a playa is measured by the extent of his or her "game." The more "game" a playa has, the more respect they command in their field of interest.

Playas are mostly motivated by the ego drive that comes with self expression and self manifestation for its own ends. In many ways, playas are trend-setters rather than trend-followers.

 ***The Balla-Shot Calla Playa
One that is a high-roller playa. One who has high status, who has puchased a large quantity of products with little or no oop (out of pocket) expense in the game of coupons.

 A Playa Hata -  is  simply, a player hater  who openly criticizes, purposefully attempts to sabotage, or who indulges in any number of other activities/behaviors aimed at someone they consider a playa, or even at playas in general.

A hater, of which playa hater is but a subgroup, partakes excessively of criticism and negativity. The defining characteristic of a playa hater is that the hater's ire is directed at someone who has achieved some level of success. (ex. paying a low OOP when using coupons).  It is inferred that the source of the playa hater's dislike is rooted in jealousy, and not some other justifiable reason.

The derogatory aspect to the term comes in the idea that the person who's hatin is really only jealous -- they playa hate because they wish they could be as successful as the playa.

(to quote the Urban Dictionary)


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