Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TIME examined the measures stores are taking to combat the trend, quoting one Kroger rep who cited inconvenience for regular shoppers due to extreme couponing:

Extreme Couponing Pissing Stores Off, Retailers Are Fighting Back............

The extreme couponing craze has gotten shoppers across the US piqued, and if you haven’t seen the show, some of the more skilled bargain hunters have clipped and saved their way to primetime on TLC. (To be fair, you don’t really have to do all that much of note to score a primetime show on TLC, and I’m currently awaiting a call for a show about extreme bloggers, where we detail our exciting Dr. Pepper and sriracha fueled lives behind an iMac screen.)
The shows are equal parts inspiring and maddening to shoppers who watch and do wish they could bring home a cart full of deodorant and diapers for negative $1.16, yet resent what seems to be a wasteful obsession that not only sweeps product from store shelves, but also creates a bit of in-line hassle for non-extreme shoppers who just need milk and bread. Interestingly, stores are willing to encourage a bit of the latter to discourage the former, as their tolerance of extreme couponers is expiring. (Harrrrr.)
TIME examined the measures stores are taking to combat the trend, quoting one Kroger rep who cited inconvenience for regular shoppers due to extreme couponing:

Coupon Articles - Couponers Get Ready - They are Coming....

How ‘Extreme Couponing’ Is Ruining Coupons

It always seemed mind-bogglingly difficult to achieve the kinds of savings portrayed on the TLC show “Extreme Couponing.” Thanks to tougher supermarket policies and the proliferation of less valuable coupons, extreme savings through coupons seems downright impossible.
The best coupons have two key features: They offer discounts on the products you like and would be buying anyway, and the discounts are substantial enough to justify the time required for clipping them.
Increasingly, however, American consumers are coming across coupons that have neither of these features. A NCH Marketing report released earlier this year indicated that there was a 17% drop in coupon redemption in 2012. Among consumers who used fewer coupons last year, the most popular explanation given for the decreasing in couponing was this: “I can’t find coupons for the products I want to buy.”
(MORE: Former Extreme Couponer Admits: ‘It’s a Waste of Time’)
What’s more, it’s getting more difficult to find coupons that save the shopper a decent chunk of change. In early May, Kroger, one of the world’s largest supermarket companies, lowered prices on thousands of items in its stores in Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, and elsewhere in the Mid-Atlantic region. You’d expect that news like that would be greeted with applause and gratitude from consumers. Instead, many shoppers have been grumbling that recent changes at Kroger will make them more likely to frequent dollar stores and Walmart—because Kroger’s price drops were accompanied by a ban on double couponing.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Target is Putting a Number on their Internet Coupons like Coupons.com

Target's manager said that Target is tired of couponers copying their coupons so Target has put numbers on their coupons. If any one tries to use copied coupons their won't be able to use any coupons at Target.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What Can You Do if Your Local Walmart is Being Difficult in Honoring the Walmart Price Match Policy?

It has been recommended by Walmart's Corporate office to file complaints about the local Walmart in question. Simply call 1-800-WALMART and you will be connected to a LIVE person to voice your complaints and concerns. They will also ask you the city, state, and zip code of the Walmart location you are reporting. They keep track of all the complaints at each location and if they get enough, they will contact the store directly and try to get the matter resolved. As their Walmart Price Match Policy states. "We’re committed to providing low prices every day. On everything. So if you find a lower advertised price on an identical product, tell us and we’ll match it. Right at the register." They will want to get to the bottom of it. That is exactly what took place to keep American Fork, Utah Walmart from enforcing the bring your own ads in policy. http://www.pricematchwithrachel.com/walmart-changing-their-price-match-policy-2013.html