Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ways to Monetize Your Blog: Shared by Playa: Freebiespot

Freebie Spot

Playa: Freebie Spot (Jenny) share ways of monetizing your blog. It's so much work and time that goes into maintaining a blog. Here are the amounts she received for the last three months.
January 2011 Report
Logical Media: $2.96 (I have done much better in previous months)
MySavings Media: $4.60
Sponsored Tweets: $2.98
MyLikes: $2.04 (I just started using this)
We Use Coupons: $0.87 (I don’t utilize this one like I should)
Amazon Associates: $1.94
Brandcaster (Coupons.com): $2.20
Commission Junction: $4.35
Discount Mags: $0.60
Total for January 2011: $22.54
February 2011 Report
Logical Media: $0.03 (ouch.. I have done much better in previous months)
MySavings Media: $5.30
Sponsored Tweets: $5.94
Escalate Media: $0.52
MyLikes: $2.24 (I just started using this; don’t really like it)
We Use Coupons: $1.44 (I don’t utilize this one like I should)
Amazon Associates: $0.88
Brandcaster (Coupons.com): $3.15
Commission Junction: $14.15
Discount Mags: $1.79
Total for February 2011: $35.44 - Up almost $13 from last month!
March 2011 Report
new! SocialSpark: $10.00 (started focusing on this one again!)
Logical Media: $30.03 (much better than previous months!)
MySavings Media: $14.95 (also much better than previous months!)
Sponsored Tweets: $7.39
Escalate Media: $0.55
MyLikes: $5.01
We Use Coupons: $0.51 (still haven’t utilized this one like I should)
Amazon Associates: $2.92
Brandcaster (Coupons.com): $1.13
Commission Junction: $16.85
Discount Mags: $2.00
Total for March 2011: $91.34 - Over $55 more than February!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Free: Purex Complete with Zout Free Sample

Free: RevitaLens OcuTec Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution

thanks, Playa The Ultimate Freeloader's Guide

Free: Folgers Coffee Sample

Walmart @ Westheimer/Hillcroft?? Next to the Worksource Has Their Coupon Policy in a Red Folder On Each Register

Note: The Cashier was not able to understand any part of the Policy. She looked 6 times at the policy. She told me Walmart does not take bogo coupons (head and shoulders coupon), she said Walmart does not take any coupon if the coupon is greater than the price, she said Walmart can not give me overages in cash because Walmart will go broke doing it - but she said nothing about Walmart getting reimburse for each coupon, she said Walmart does not take printed paper (internet coupons), she said Walmart does not  match prices unless you have the ad, she said I can't  used $2 coupon off the Head and Shoulder Shampoo because I was getting the conditioner free, and last she said I couldn't use a coupon because I was price matching.  Well it took her 45 minutes to ring me up.  The look on her face when she saw the total that I owe was only 6¢.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Free: Subscription to PC World Magazine

HEB: $1.50 Jimmy Dean Sausage Links

Note: Cashier had to manually key in the price. It scanned $3.37

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

How Agilence Loss Provention Software Works

Cameras Track Shoppers

New York Times

Stores Tracking You But Not How Cashiers are treating Couponers???

CNN  Coverage of VideoMining via Dealznstealz Shopz
            click here for video
Dr. Rajeev Sharma, Founder & CEO of VideoMining Corporation is interviewed on CNN by Ali Velshi. The two minute video segment entitled "Attention shoppers! You’re on camera" aired twice on CNN American Morning on November 24, 2006 and throughout the day on CNN Headlines News on November 25, 2006. It was part of CNN’s coverage of the holiday shopping after Thanksgiving. It discussed how VideoMining is helping retailers and consumer product manufacturers improve marketing, merchandising and customer service

Take a Look at The New Randalls on Westheimer - Randalls States They Still Double/Triple Coupons


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jaime Kirlew - The Erica Kane (All My Children) of Extreme Couponing - Post Her Name You Are Guarantee A Large Audience

Jaime Kirlew

Small sites that mention Jamie Kirlew name are getting thousands of hits daily. Large sites are getting hundred of thousand hits daily. Is that the reason for the on going contraversy.

When the video reappeared on Youtube the videos got 15,000 hits within a week.

A Special Thanks to All the Coupon Playaz Who Take the Time to Share Your Deals and Blogs With Other Coupon Playaz

Free Orkut Facebook and My Space Thank You Graphics Glitters

Mail Call from Playa: The Magic of Coupons

Why Do Some Coupon Playaz Apologize for The Amount of Items They Buy With Their Coupons?

I was reading some archives from some popular blogs.  I can't believe how some coupon playaz  can visit these sites everyday to get deals then jump on the authors of the blogs for not donating their stock pile to charity if they feel the author has got too much with their coupons. If they want to give thats fine but if not thats their business. Some get one item, some get 10 items, and some get 100. It's their prerogative. You can buy how many you want and let them buy how many they want.

You don't know their situation or whats going on in their lives. But if they take the time to share with you the deals they find why are you critizing them ????

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is This the Reason Some Stores Limit Your Coupons - They are Committing Coupon Fraud while Accusing the Couponers

Many years ago, manufacturers were having problems with stores gang-cutting coupons from unsold newspapers, then turning them in for reimbursement. It had gotten so bad that one organization estimated that over 108 million coupons were redeemed fraudulently annually -- and that was back in 1977!

In a sting operation almost worthy of its own feature film, the industry fought back. Targeting an area in New York where gang-cutting and fraudulent redemption was suspected to be rampant, a new "manufacturer" offered a new product in the coupon inserts - Breen Laundry Detergent. The trouble was... Breen detergent did not exist. The 25-cent Breen coupon was designed solely to catch organizations that were gang-cutting inserts and submitting all of the coupons for redemption.
And cut them them, they did. Over 117,000 coupons for the non-existent Breen detergent were submitted for redemption from that single ad campaign, giving investigators specific information as to which stores, retailers and firms were gang-cutting on a massive scale. (At the ACP conference, presenter Ron Fischer, founder of Redemption Processing Representatives, actually had one of these Breen detergent coupons in his hand while telling this story!)

Retailer said that they have tracked their "extreme couponers'" shopping via Jill Cataldo

Another retailer said that they have tracked their "extreme couponers'" shopping habits throughout various store locations within their chain. He said that the store's closed-circuit television system has the ability to zoom to "fingernail level" and see what coupons are being redeemed at the register by calling up the date of a transaction on a computer screen and clicking that day and time's video. He said that they can also "follow" the same shoppers' path, again via in-store video, as the shopper goes from store to store to store, using up more multiples of the same coupon, often clearing the shelves in the process.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

$9 paid (oop) -$1.50 @ Walgreens - Playa: The Magic of Coupons

What is a Playa?
view transaction
Playa: The Magic of Coupon$
oop -$1.50
free and a money maker 

Coupon @ Walgreens

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I hope you were able to view for yourself. It has been removed - Jaime Kirlew Controversial Video at Target Part 1

I hope you were able to view it yourself. It has been removed now.Jaime Kirlew Controversial Video at Target Part 2

Who is the King of Coupons Nathan (We Use Coupon) or Jeffrey (Penny Experiment) or ???

Well I found a Balla Shot Calla Playa - The Playa: Penny Experiment (Jeffrey Strain) Let's Take a Look at What He gets When He Coupon - $1317.09 paid (oop) $14.46

What is a Balla Shot Calla Playa?
 The Balla-Shot Calla Playa is

One that is a high-roller playa. One who has high status, who has puchased a large quantity of products with little or no oop (out of pocket) expense in the game of coupons.
300 boxes of cereal for $81.00 with a retail value of $1347.00
480 Pillsbury Grands Biscuits Purchased For $0.00 free
$1000 Worth of Del Monte Fruit Smoothies Free
84 Packages of Jett Puffed Marshmallows for $0.00 free
225 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks worth $742.50 for free
$715 Worth of Food for Free
50 Free Boxes of Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta

and I was able to buy the following items:

275 boxes of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes: $959.75
50 boxes of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran: $199.50
45 bags of Padrinos tortilla chips: $143.55
8 boxes of Rice A Roni: $12.00
1 Lunchables sandwich: $2.29

Grand Total retail value: $1317.09
Grand Total spent: $14.46