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FBI Arrested Coupon Guy

Law Enforcement & Retailer Team Up Against Coupon Counterfeiter

MAY 11--A college student--and 4chan enthusiast--was named today in a felony complaint charging him with the illegal online distribution of counterfeit coupons that were designed to look like legitimate ones made available through a marketing firm owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.
Lucas Henderson, a 22-year-old Rochester Institute of Technology student, is facing a pair of federal felony charges--wire fraud and trafficking in counterfeit goods--for allegedly posting counterfeit coupons on zoklet.net.
Henderson, pictured at right, is also accused of directing users of that message board to 4chan, where they could download a copy of "How to Make Coupons,” a 45-page tutorial on designing coupons that would “scan at most any store in the U.S.,” thus tricking retailers.
The manual opens with a page listing "The 6 Commandments of Coupon Making,” including the admonition that the tutorial not be uploaded “to any permanent hosting.” Instead, the document should be shared on “anonymous image boards” (like 4chan) where “posts expire after a period of time.” Placing the tutorial at a permanent online location “makes it much easier for companies and moral assholes to come across them and warn stores about them.”
In a phone interview, Henderson said he would “rather not say anything at this time.” Though he appeared this afternoon in federal court in Rochester, Henderson seemed shocked to learn from a reporter that details of the FBI probe were now public, and he voiced concern about his future ability to secure employment.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

HP TouchPad Wi-FI 16GB $99 32GB $149 Today Only (Sold Out)

Note* Check other Stores that is carrying them. They are being discontinue.

$51.20 plus tax paid (oop) -$1.21free and Money Maker @ Walgreens - Playa: The Magic of Coupons

oop -$1.21
free and a money maker
Playa: The Magic of Coupon$

note* There is a $1.50 coupon for the Pert in the Randalls Coupon Book.

Water Clearanced @ Walgreens Bissonnet/Dairy Ashford

Wine that Was Clearance to 90% at CVS

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

$50.97 paid (oop) $3.26 @ CVS - Playa: The Magic of Coupons

oop $3.26
after receiving the $10 gas card
Playa: The Magic of Coupon$

Note* for some reason the picture won't upload.  I brought 4 diapers, 1 CVS wipes, 1 CVS fabric bandaids, and 1 Hershey candy bar.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

$16.50 paid (oop) $1.50 @ Dollar General - Playa: The Magic of Coupons

oop $1.50
Playa: The Magic of Coupon$

Free @ Office Depot - Playa: The Magic of Coupons

oop $0
Playa: The Magic of Coupon$

Note* The manager substituted this one for the one that was on sale.

6¢ @ Office Max - Playa: The Magic of Coupons

oop 6¢
Playa: The Magic of Coupon$

29¢ ea @ Walgreens - Playa: The Magic of Coupons

oop 29¢ ea
Playa: The Magic of Coupon$

300 free Labels @ Staples 8/24/11 only - check your email

$10 off $20 Coupon @ Office Max - Mail Call

Thursday, August 11, 2011

$10.60 paid (oop) $0 Free @ Home Depot - Playa: Couponing Kel

oop $0

All free from Pier One - Playa: Sharice Zachary

oop $0
Playa: Sharice Zachary

Happy Birthday to Me!!! So let me start off by saying I begged two of my cousins and my mom to go around to all 4 stores in my area and help me out. Since my birthday is this Friday I told them that this 3 day adventure would count as their gift to me!!! I took advantage of the 3 day, 1 coupon per person, per day (but not per location :) ) $10 off of a $10 purchase coupon. I made sure that each of our purchases added up to only $10 and there was no tax. The haul includes:

4-Dinner Plates
4- Salad Plates
4- Appitizer Plates
4- Cereal Bowls
4-Dippin Bowls
4- Coffee Mugs
4- Drinking Glasses
4- Wine Glasses
2-Hurrican Candle Holders
2- Pilar Candles
4- Silk Flowers
2- Packs of Reusable Ice Cubes
14- Votive Candles
1- Set of Coasters
8-Votive Candle Holders
10- Stemless Martini Glasses
1- Lavendar Air Freshener
2- Storage Measuring Cups

Save $35 off $85 @ Advance Auto Parts - Playa: The Magic of Coupons

$87.96 total paid  (oop) $56.68
Note* If you need a battery or *** Check to see if Advance Auto Parts has it. I placed the order online use the code and picked it up within a hour at the store. If you pick it up at the store no shipping fee.

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Free: 1 year Subscriptin to Guitar Player

Walmart Doubling Coupons at The Following Location via WeUseCoupons

Madison, Ohio
Charleston, West Virginia
Utah County, Utah ( 7 Walmarts are doubling)
Huntington, West Virginia
Wayne, West Virginia
Findlay, Ohio

Thanks, WeUseCoupons