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Walmart Price Matching With Target IP Coupon via Coupon Cravings

April 24, 2012 by Kate Sorensen
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**Breaking News** Select Walmarts to Accept Target Printable Coupons as Price Match

So, I was chatting with my local Walmart manager and as I was running down the do’s and dont’s of price matching at their store I flipped in a “trick question” or, I should say what used to be a “trick question”. I said, now, you still don’t accept Target Printable Coupons, right? She said they “literally just decided they were going to start accepting them as a price match”. WHAT!?
Did you know that some Walmarts are now accepting Target Internet Printables from the Target Coupons page as a price match?!?! Now, as I am typing this I want to make sure that you know that I am not saying that they all will, as this is up to the individual store managers themselves to decide if their store wants to do this. In fact, I called around to 10 stores across the United States before posting this and 4 would and 6 would not, so it’s definitely the minority that will, mine included.
Now, what’s even sweeter, is, like I said, my local Walmart is actually using the Target coupon as a “price-match” so what this means, is they are allowing a manufacturer’s coupon on top of the Target coupon price match! Holy buckets. Is this huge, or what?!
So, I decided I had to check this out and see just how it’s going to go. I bought a FoodSaver and used the $10/1 FoodSaver (No restrictions) Target coupon (no longer available), plus the $10/1 FoodSaver Manufacturer’s coupon (no longer available). She brought the price down to $10.44 to price match it (* I’ll explain more later, she should have brought it down to $9.44) and then scanned the $10/1 FoodSaver manufacturer’s coupon to give me overrage. On this transaction, you also see ‘vendor coupon’ for $0.50/1, right? This is because I also price matched the Great Value brand foil with the $0.50/1 Up & Up Foil Target coupon available on the Target Coupons page. My local Walmart is also price matching store brand coupons on this.
* I went back in after I realized the price match was done wrong and she gave me the difference of $1 plus tax.
You can see my receipts here:
I was absolutely floored. I could not believe my ears, as Walmart has always said in their ad match policy here they will not do an ‘amount off’, only a specific item for a specified price. For example, $1 for Reynolds Wrap foil.
When I asked the manager at my store what’s going on, she said the store manager wants to make sure people are coming to Walmart for anything we might go elsewhere for. Wow!! It seems as though the logic (that I am loving!) is that the store is “matching the advertised price” for the fact that Target will give you that amount off, and, in a sense, they are advertising this with allowing us to print the coupon.
To be 100% clear. Not all Walmarts are doing this. I recommend calling yours, or asking the manager the next time you are in the store. Also, it’s worth mentioning again that the Target coupon is considered a price match, so you may not price match a printed ad price on top of the Target coupon with this new store-by-store policy.
So, I needed more proof, before I put this out in to cyber-space. I went back at a completely different time of the day when I figured a different set of managers would be working, and tried my luck again. And, dog gone it, they did it! The cashier was wonderful, too! As you see from my receipt below, she simply took the amount of the Target coupon off of the Walmart price.
But, as expected, it didn’t go off without a hitch. As you’ll notice from my receipt below, the tweezers didn’t come off, but when I went to customer service, they refunded me my money plus tax. However, the manager said I need to pay a penny because, no item can go through for absolutely free. I knew that because based on their price match policy, everything has to be atleast a penny. No biggie for me.
Like mentioned earlier, up until now my Walmart (and every Walmart per the Walmart price match policy here) would price match only if there was specified amount. Never before have I known them to price match for $1 off ‘xyz’, or $2 off ‘xyz’, or for that matter $5/2 ‘xyz’, like the Starbucks coupon above.
So, the next time Target is out of something, or Walmart’s price is lower, consider this option, if your store, will indeed adapt this new policy.
Now, I pose the question to you. Will you shop Walmart more frequently if your Walmart adapts this policy? Or, if your Walmart has already been doing this in the past, does it make you shop there more often?


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