Saturday, February 11, 2012


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Joan Clayton
Target, you need to have respect for your couponing guest. From the CEO to the stockers, an attitude of respect and professionalism with couponers needs to be the culture of the Target team. Across the US, there has been too many complaints about abusive treatment. Target now has the reputation among couponers , bloggers, vloggers,customers, and fashionistas become recess...ionistas as a place where they'll be treated as a criminal if they try to save money. It's bad enough that the cashiers and LODs are clueless about the coupon policy on Target's website, but when they bring out intimidating security guards(LossPrevention) who compliantly agree with managers to things that go against your written coupon policy and then hover at registers like USSR guards inspecting coupons, you've crossed the line. Me and my fellow couponers have had horrible experiences using coupons at your store. We no longer deem it a family friendly store.............................................................
Target.. I have a love-hate relationship with your stores. I love shopping there, but I hate checking out! I use coupons (just like the many others who have commented here today) and have never gotten anything other than a hard time from your cashiers. I DO know, and follow, your coupon policy. It seems, however, that your employees are not shown or even told about it during training! I have gotte...n so frustrated with your employees and the way I am talked down to and looked down on that I have not shopped at one of your stores for over 3 months. I will continue to steer clear until I begin to hear some Positive reviews from fellow couponers. It is a sad day (in my opinion) when Walmart customer service is better than yours..........................................
Please help me with this...Thank you.

Thank you to the Target Corporation for allowing its customers to use coupons. Unfortunately, for a lot of people using coupons
I am a couponer who has had many favorable experiences shopping at Target However, this is not always the case. Sometimes I encounter cashiers who do not understand the coupon policy. This causes stress for all concerned and makes checkout a lengthy process. It would be really helpful if the cashiers/mangers were trained on how to interpret the policy. Also having easy access to the policy would be great. Any assistance you can prov
Target I'm a couponer simple answer to our entire problem. 1 Yes you have the policy but make sure all your employees knows it. 2. Have a copy at each register they can get to it. 3. Let them know this is another form of money and the company gets the face value plus 8 cents for each coupon this adds up and helps keep the stores open and them working. 4. I like going to Target and I like couponing I would like to do them both together without feeling like I’m a criminal. Thank you ide in this matter will be appreciated
Target offers coupons on their web site; corporate must be ok with coupons. The workers: not so much. Stressful. It was almost closing time and she was extremely irritated by my Qs. When she got done she crumpled them like garbage and shoved them in her drawer. The girl didn't scan my Nerf coupon. I didn't realize until I looked at my receipt. I stepped back over to her and told her she hadn't s...canned the coupon _ I had her call a manager over- Manager opened the coupon drawer and said 'what happened here' when she opened coupon drawer-seeing the crumpled mess; the cashier didn't answer- OK long story short-manager fixed it. Got home and double checked my receipt and found that she didn't scan my printer ink. she was so irritated with me useing coupons she was in a big hurry and never scanned my printer ink. cashiers act as if we are trying to rip them off by using coupons. Instead she ripped off the company buy not scanning the ink.
OPERATION ACCOUNTABLITY: On the opposite side of the coin--->I am a new couponer, I have heard horror stories about the treatment of couponers in your establishment; therefore, I was somewhat afraid to go into your store with my coupons. I must say, I went in today, I only purchased a couple of items but I used all my coupons and every thing was A-OK. I hope to have a similar experience in the future. Thanks
Operation Accountability: first, i'd like to thank you for maintaining neat stores with employees committed to customer service. as a new user of coupons, i believe that it would make the shopping experience more pleasant if all service personnel were adequately trained in your coupon policy and if the policy were readily available to all personnel at all time. again, thank you

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