Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Have You Notice How Expensive McDonalds is Getting over $7 (w/tax) for a meal (@ McDonalds)


  1. McDouble ($1), Small Fries ($1), Large Soft Drink ($1 ANY SIZE) = $3

    We also like the $2 meal deals at Taco Bell. We usually add an extra taco for just $0.99. Taco Bell also has their Burrito Supreme on sale for $0.99 thru 8/6. Total Cost: $2.99

    Jack in the Box has a 3 taco combo for $2.99 (limited time). You get 3 tacos, fries, and a drink. They also have their chicken sandwich (plus fries & drink) combo for $3.99 right now.

    In the 6/26 Parade, we got BOGO coupons for their 2-piece KFC Grilled Chicken $5 Everyday Meals. You can get a leg & thigh, side, biscuit, and a drink -- for just $2.50 per meal.

    Large Little Caesars Pizza = $5

    I'm so cheap when it comes to fast food. REFUSE to pay $7 at the drive thru. If I'm going to pay that, I'll just go to a sit-down restaurant! LOL

  2. I feel ya. I went to Popeye's order 3pc and drink or something and the cashier said something like $8??? I canceled that order and got the kids meal.

  3. Here's a couple to add to your list.

    Church's Chicken (Tuesday only) 2pc 99¢
    Popeye's Chicken (forget the day) 2pc 99¢