Saturday, February 27, 2010

Magical * Nostalgiacal

Playa: Julie C.
$85.45 money maker

I've been a subscriber to Refund Cents for a few months now. I subscribed about 10 yrs ago and just recently started couponing again. This is a picture of my son Carter with my deal I made this morning at Walgreens. I went to four different Walgreens. I bought 45 bottles of Robitussin, 15 different transactions of 3. Each bottle was $3.99, I had a $3 coupon off, for a total of .99 each bottle. Each transaction printed a $10 Register Reward per the ad. I also used a few Register Rewards from the John Freida deal a week or so ago, but I didn't count that in my totals as I purchased other items. Total OOP for the Robitussin $44.55, and earned $130.00 in Register Rewards!!!! I purchased a Visa gift card with $30 of that money. I plan to keep some of the Robitussin, make "cold" gift baskets with soup and tissues this winter, and put some in the Missions Closet at church! Julie C.

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